Dear Child O' Mine

Notes & Letters to My Child… Which Will One Day Embarass Him

Climbing? Already?

Dear Child…

I know you were super excited to take your first steps just a few days before you turned 9 months… we aren’t even out a month and you are all over the place. Moving pieces of clothing over here, placing your toys in different areas of the basement, running to me when I leave the room to be picked up and held. But tonight, tonight you worked even harder then you have in the past two evenings to climb onto the couch. And you did it with very little help from me or daddy this time. Repeatedly. And I love it. How you grabbed your daddy’s pj bottoms or my hand to pull yourself up. Unfortunately, while you have been attempting to climb up the back of the couch I really did not think that after climbing on the couch alone that you would turn the back of our couch into a Rock Wall.  And so quickly. You got up on the couch, stood and then proceeded in only your diaper to make your way to the top of the couch.You aren’t even 10 months yet… and we are so not ready for you to be this good of a climber. Especially since you are super unbalanced at the moment from attempting to move faster than your little legs can actually move. I will be there though, waiting patiently just incase you fall. Please remember that… always. Be it when you fall off the couch, the bed, or just tripping over your own feet. I may not catch you every time but I will always help you back up and to hold you until you are ready to try again.

But seriously, can we wait a little bit longer before you climb the gate on the stairs? Or the bookshelves?



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Hello world!

This is our introductory blog… my child and I are home today and daddy is out of town until tomorrow. So, mommy (that’s me!) and the child are hanging out at home. He is currently attempting to climb onto the couch to get to the laptop and my coffee. Unfortunately his legs just aren’t long enough yet. Even more unfortunately… one day they will be.

We will see you all soon… I am sure we will have at least one more post today.

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