Dear Child O' Mine

Notes & Letters to My Child… Which Will One Day Embarass Him

He’s got Personality!


You have such a wonderful and expuberant personality. So loving, kind and loud. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you don’t lose it as you learn to control it.

I want the absolute best for you but these next few months will be hard and I am sorry for that. But its time to learn control and how to listen better. No more throwing fits for everything. It will be harder for you because u are so much bigger.

Love u with all my heart! Mommy

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Not so fussy…

So tonight you ate your first full meal alone. I made small sandwiches w apricotsauce in between the thumb print size pieces of bread. Then I gave you a spoon w yogurt of it. You never gave me back the spoon so I poured the yogurt on your tray. You ate it all except two spoon fulls.

Looks like you did want to feed yourself but wanted somwthing more then cheerios.

Yeah for food! And yogurt in the hair! Now if I could just get you into your pj’s.

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Lil Talk Backer?

I believe we had our first argument today. You aren’t talking yet but you are learning to express yourself so well. I told you no but you made it clear you did not agree with me.

I am so proud!

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Dear Child

Thank you for screaming at the top of your lungs when I took the soda bottle away. For throwing bottle so hard on the floor at Target it exploded… and thank for making me laugh the entire time.

Love you!

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Yes you do…

Just putting this here for when you try to deny it one day…. if you do.

You snort when you laugh and have since the first time you went into a giggle fit. And you are welcome cause you get that from me. The super ticklish trait is from your daddy.

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My mom once…

My mom once said that I would receive something wonderful in my life for all the crap I struggled thru. When I look at you I realize she was right… I think its the samevfor your daddy. He struggled thru a lot more crud then I ever did but both of us survived and thrived. In the end we have you… a surprise and blessing we never thought we would have.

While there are times you drive me bonkers and attempt to eat my homework. I look forward to our next giggle session.

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Paper yummy…

Dear Child,

I am not sure why but you seem to really enjoy the taste of paper. And not just one particular type of paper but ALL paper. And I’m not sure where you are finding it because I thought I cleaned uo all the bits of my catalog you literally tore into yesterday.

But if you will give your food a chance I am sure you find it just as tastey.

Love you,

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Amazing isn’t it?

I’m sitting here at my college… today being my time away and out of the house. My break time to take classes and relax. You know read or study without interruption. I even rented a locker so I could maybe even start working off this post baby weight gain. Yet, as soon as class lets out I can only think of getting back in my car so I can get home and spend time w you.

So, my son, when that day comes when you yell and scream at me. Telling me how I never did anything for you and don’t love you… or I only do because I “have to” please read this post. Heck I may even print it out and post it on your wall when the day comes. You have only been in my world for just so long… and your face gives me a pure joy and I love being around you more then I enjoy anything else in life.

Love you always,

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I understand how curious you are right now. And I also understand that my closing the door to go to the restroom is an insane idea to you… but I would really appreciate it if you would find something else to try and look at closely when I’m wiping my bum.

Also… I have no idea why my phone charger fascinated you so but no matter how hard you try, it will never be edible.

Love always,

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