Dear Child O' Mine

Notes & Letters to My Child… Which Will One Day Embarass Him

And you like…

PEANUT BUTTER!!!  We have eaten some plain, natural peanut butter the last three days for lunch and you really like it. Two times it was spread on some bread and cut into really tiny bits. And once I mixed a scoop of it in with vanilla yogurt with berry juice and you really loved that. But we are on several days of letting you feed yourself and you are doing great. As soon as you see me go to the high chair you come running. I even enjoy that I can give you food and then clean the kitchen in the mornings and get the day started and eat myself without chasing you round the house.

You are getting so big!!! And in a month you will be turning one. Now we are planning your birthday party and we have so many people coming in for it. I hope you have a great time! I love you so much!!!



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Not so fussy…

So tonight you ate your first full meal alone. I made small sandwiches w apricotsauce in between the thumb print size pieces of bread. Then I gave you a spoon w yogurt of it. You never gave me back the spoon so I poured the yogurt on your tray. You ate it all except two spoon fulls.

Looks like you did want to feed yourself but wanted somwthing more then cheerios.

Yeah for food! And yogurt in the hair! Now if I could just get you into your pj’s.

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Fussy Eater….

you are not wanting to eat much lately. i looked up reasons online on why and they say it’s because you want to feed yourself but you aren’t eating that way either. i personally think its your new tooth but we shall try some other foods and see. maybe the Cheerios are too hard?

but you did eat part of my keyboard….

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