Dear Child O' Mine

Notes & Letters to My Child… Which Will One Day Embarass Him

My mom once…

My mom once said that I would receive something wonderful in my life for all the crap I struggled thru. When I look at you I realize she was right… I think its the samevfor your daddy. He struggled thru a lot more crud then I ever did but both of us survived and thrived. In the end we have you… a surprise and blessing we never thought we would have.

While there are times you drive me bonkers and attempt to eat my homework. I look forward to our next giggle session.

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Amazing isn’t it?

I’m sitting here at my college… today being my time away and out of the house. My break time to take classes and relax. You know read or study without interruption. I even rented a locker so I could maybe even start working off this post baby weight gain. Yet, as soon as class lets out I can only think of getting back in my car so I can get home and spend time w you.

So, my son, when that day comes when you yell and scream at me. Telling me how I never did anything for you and don’t love you… or I only do because I “have to” please read this post. Heck I may even print it out and post it on your wall when the day comes. You have only been in my world for just so long… and your face gives me a pure joy and I love being around you more then I enjoy anything else in life.

Love you always,

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Hello world!

This is our introductory blog… my child and I are home today and daddy is out of town until tomorrow. So, mommy (that’s me!) and the child are hanging out at home. He is currently attempting to climb onto the couch to get to the laptop and my coffee. Unfortunately his legs just aren’t long enough yet. Even more unfortunately… one day they will be.

We will see you all soon… I am sure we will have at least one more post today.

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