Dear Child O' Mine

Notes & Letters to My Child… Which Will One Day Embarass Him

Lil’ Pooper

So here we are starting your second year and it already feels like another year has passed in a month. You have been more active lately then normal and very much a smart alec. I thought the talking back wasn’t suppose to start until you became a teenager but alas it has already started. You are definitely learning your “yes” and “no” but not overly so just yet. You just respond when asked a question like “did you poop?” and I pretty sure this is the only question you really know.

BTW, you like Star Trek.

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Lil Talk Backer?

I believe we had our first argument today. You aren’t talking yet but you are learning to express yourself so well. I told you no but you made it clear you did not agree with me.

I am so proud!

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I know you are deaf to my voice at times (just like your daddy) but when I say no 20some times when you are reaching into the dishwasher… I really do mean no. I am not being mean. I am just trying to keep you from grabbing that knife you are memorized by.

Maybe one day you will understand that it comes from my concern for you. But I’m sure you will understand around the same time I did: when you have your own child

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