Dear Child O' Mine

Notes & Letters to My Child… Which Will One Day Embarass Him

Lil’ Pooper

So here we are starting your second year and it already feels like another year has passed in a month. You have been more active lately then normal and very much a smart alec. I thought the talking back wasn’t suppose to start until you became a teenager but alas it has already started. You are definitely learning your “yes” and “no” but not overly so just yet. You just respond when asked a question like “did you poop?” and I pretty sure this is the only question you really know.

BTW, you like Star Trek.

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Dear Child

Thank you for screaming at the top of your lungs when I took the soda bottle away. For throwing bottle so hard on the floor at Target it exploded… and thank for making me laugh the entire time.

Love you!

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Yes you do…

Just putting this here for when you try to deny it one day…. if you do.

You snort when you laugh and have since the first time you went into a giggle fit. And you are welcome cause you get that from me. The super ticklish trait is from your daddy.

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Paper yummy…

Dear Child,

I am not sure why but you seem to really enjoy the taste of paper. And not just one particular type of paper but ALL paper. And I’m not sure where you are finding it because I thought I cleaned uo all the bits of my catalog you literally tore into yesterday.

But if you will give your food a chance I am sure you find it just as tastey.

Love you,

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