Dear Child O' Mine

Notes & Letters to My Child… Which Will One Day Embarass Him

Almost Here!!!

It has been awhile since I wrote anything… been a tough few weeks. You had your first bout of stomach flu and it hit all of us at home. Sadly you handled it much better then your father and I. And you were both better then me.

But in another week we will be celebrating your 1st birthday and it makes me cry whenever I think about it. This has been the most stressful and yet amazing year of my life and that includes when I fell in love with your father and then we conceived you. So many people in your family are coming out for your birthday and while we won’t be having the party until the weekend – its going to be a blast. You will finally get to meet your cousins again.

I love you so much my baby boy!!


BTW, any idea where you put my student id?

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