Dear Child O' Mine

Notes & Letters to My Child… Which Will One Day Embarass Him

Yes breakfast…

I understand that you want to play but you do need to eat your breakfast. Spitting it out, crying and then hiding behind the couch does not really work. For one – you will come out sooner or later and you will soon have a spoon in your mouth. Secondly – the couch moves and no matter how out of shape I am…. I am faster then you.

So… please eat. Its not that much. If not its back into the chair for morning meals.


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You just heard your first bit of country music… and you seem to really enjoy it by dancing around and bouncing. Not sure how to break it to your dad. The only “country” music we have in the house is Johnny Cash.

But I don’t like the all the same music as my parents either.

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Can I Borrow?

Dear Child… Can I borrow your yummy toothpaste? I forgot to purchase some the other day and we are completely out now and I REALLY need to brush my teeth. In fact, so do you.


Love Mommy111

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Hello world!

This is our introductory blog… my child and I are home today and daddy is out of town until tomorrow. So, mommy (that’s me!) and the child are hanging out at home. He is currently attempting to climb onto the couch to get to the laptop and my coffee. Unfortunately his legs just aren’t long enough yet. Even more unfortunately… one day they will be.

We will see you all soon… I am sure we will have at least one more post today.

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I love when….

… you fall asleep in my arms when you nap. I feel like I’m doing something right as your mommy to make you so comfy. Now you just need to do this for daddy when he comes home tomorrow..

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