Dear Child O' Mine

Notes & Letters to My Child… Which Will One Day Embarass Him

He’s got Personality!


You have such a wonderful and expuberant personality. So loving, kind and loud. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you don’t lose it as you learn to control it.

I want the absolute best for you but these next few months will be hard and I am sorry for that. But its time to learn control and how to listen better. No more throwing fits for everything. It will be harder for you because u are so much bigger.

Love u with all my heart! Mommy

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Almost Here!!!

It has been awhile since I wrote anything… been a tough few weeks. You had your first bout of stomach flu and it hit all of us at home. Sadly you handled it much better then your father and I. And you were both better then me.

But in another week we will be celebrating your 1st birthday and it makes me cry whenever I think about it. This has been the most stressful and yet amazing year of my life and that includes when I fell in love with your father and then we conceived you. So many people in your family are coming out for your birthday and while we won’t be having the party until the weekend – its going to be a blast. You will finally get to meet your cousins again.

I love you so much my baby boy!!


BTW, any idea where you put my student id?

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You are getting your 6th tooth today… it came with a high fever last night of 101. At least we think that is what caused it and I hope. We also had our first near disaster with the house when the empty house next to ours caught fire. You did very well and were fascinated by the lights on all the trucks and all the people that came around. Our other neighbor invited us in and your got to play with their little girls and had a wonderful time. I am getting ready to back up your photos on CD-ROMs because if our neighborhood hadn’t been on the ball then we could have lost our home as well. Instead we have a house that smells a bit like smoke and part of our fence has been pulled down by the firemen. But like I said you were wonderful especially since you have a bit of a cold right now and had not been feeling well all day.

Love you my little brave boy!

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My mom once…

My mom once said that I would receive something wonderful in my life for all the crap I struggled thru. When I look at you I realize she was right… I think its the samevfor your daddy. He struggled thru a lot more crud then I ever did but both of us survived and thrived. In the end we have you… a surprise and blessing we never thought we would have.

While there are times you drive me bonkers and attempt to eat my homework. I look forward to our next giggle session.

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Hello world!

This is our introductory blog… my child and I are home today and daddy is out of town until tomorrow. So, mommy (that’s me!) and the child are hanging out at home. He is currently attempting to climb onto the couch to get to the laptop and my coffee. Unfortunately his legs just aren’t long enough yet. Even more unfortunately… one day they will be.

We will see you all soon… I am sure we will have at least one more post today.

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Boobs or Napkins?

Dear Child O’Mine

I know you enjoy using my breasts as a napkin but its kinds gross and its stretching out the necks on all my shirts. Please stop if you don’t mind too much.

Love – Mommy

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